Questions and answers

What information I can get?

You are able to download a single file that contains all registered domain names on the Internet. Each domain is a separate line in the file. The file contains all domain names from all domain zones. The file is updated every day. You can also download domains only from the domain zone you need. Files have compressed with ZIP and have a total size of 1.6 Gb

How many domains and domain zones in your database?

We have information about domains in 1 555 domain zones. You can see the full list here. If a new domain or domain zone appears, then we will add them to the database within a few days (in most cases it takes less then 24 hours). Updating ccTLD lists takes more time, usually lists updates several times a month.

Our database contains over 250 million domains. Unfortunately, it is technically impossible to collect 100% of the domains that exist on the Internet. Some registrars/DNS don't provide such information and the domain address can be completely unused and kept secret. But our database contains ~94% of domains. This is the largest database and we work every day to increase it.

Can I download domain lists and updates with API?

Yes, we can provide you simple API for getting lists and updates in automatic mode. API is especially useful for getting daily updates.

How you get information about domains?

It is hard work:) We work with zone operators and the largest registrars to create a complete list of domains. Since not all registrars provide domain information, we also use own software for scanning, monitoring, and analysis of all websites on the Internet (more than 150 million alive web-sites). This allows us to collect data on all new domains in all domain zones and provide the most complete and up-to-date information for you.

At what time you update domain lists?

We update domain lists every day near 00:00 a.m. - 01:00 a.m. CET time.

I just want to download once all the data and I don't need updates.

You can buy access only for one day and get access to all lists during the next 24 hours. It is the cheapest way to grab all actual information without further updates.

How to view and work with lists?

To work with small lists (up to 300 MB) almost any text editor is suitable. But to view a list of all domains or a list of .com/.net/.org domains special software will be required. These lists contain tens of millions of lines and can work slowly at a non-performing computer. For example, Microsoft Excel can show only 1 million lines, not more.

For Windows we recommend to use glogg(simple and light) or Large File Editor (more powerful). For Linux we recommend emacs, vim, grep, awk. We ourselves work on Linux and use these tools.

If you have an inefficient computer, we recommend analyzing the file of each zone separately or using Linux and standard filtering tools (grep, awk). As an alternative, you could download a list of domains separated by 10 million lines per file. Separated files available for all domains, .com, .net, .org zones.

I want to know about new domains containing my brand (or part of it or just some word).

You can use search all domains. Just enter the word you are interested and system will show all domains in all domain zones that contain this word. We are already working to add automatic E-mail notifications of new domains with the word you interested.

What information is listed in Registered domains daily update?

Every day we find tens of thousands of new domains that have just been registered. Most of the new domains appear into our list within 24 hours after registration, but for some domain zones, this may take longer.

What information is listed in Registered domains + E-mails?

For each domain that has been registered and found in the last 24 hours, we look for contact E-mail addresses. Our task is to find E-mails of domain owners and administrators. Unfortunately, we are unable to publish some of the information due to legal restrictions. Therefore, the file contains E-maul addresses that we could find in the public and most likely owned by the owners or administrators. Multiple E-mails can be found for a single domain.

File format:
domain; contact E-mail
domain; contact E-mail

What information is listed in Removed domains daily update?

Every day tens of thousands of domains are deactivated. We track inactive domains and give you access to the list of such domains. The list includes domains that were recently deleted or their status has changed to redemptionPeriod or pendingDelete or inactive. Information on some domain zones may be updated not every day.

What I can do with domain lists from a legal point of view?

We don't impose any restrictions on you. But we recommend you familiarize yourself with the laws of your country.

How we can pay?

By default, payment is by credit card. Payment is available in your account. If you prefer to pay by invoice or in another way - contact us.

I have more questions.

Contact with us -, we will glad to help.