Detailed domain list

Detailed list contains information about all domains with additional information. PRO account is required.
CSV file(semicolon) in format:

Domain name ; DNS servers (if available) ; IP (if available) ; Country (if available) ; Web server (if available) ; Emails (if available) ; Alexa rank (if available) ; Phone numbers (if available)

List contains 249 368 245 domains, 41 187 995 emails and 184 200 721 IPs.
Detailed list updated every few days and available only for users with PRO account.
CSV file is about 25 Gb in size, compressed file is about 6.5 Gb.

Zone Updated Domains
Full detailed domain list 03.08.2021 249 368 245 Download   (zip txt)
Newly domains with detailed information 03.08.2021 155 099 Download   (zip txt)

Data is also available via API.

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